Customised to your specific requirements.

Wichmann & Ullrich builds heat exchangers as coolers and heaters that are individually designed to meet your specific requirements.


Advice and planning

We provide you with in-depth advice, take every specific detail into consideration and develop solutions for you that are tailored perfectly to your needs.



At Wichmann & Ullrich, visualisation and data generation is a very simple process, in which state-of-the-art computation and CAD programs are used to create three-dimensional solids from which dimensional drawings of the various objects are then generated for further processing. The respective model data can also be fed to compatible systems operated by the customer. This ensures optimal reusability of design elements at all times.




Wichmann & Ullrich heat exchangers are made exclusively of high-quality stainless steel. All work processes are designed for perfect processing of these materials. All production steps are certified, ensuring reliability for our customers on the basis of optimal process structures.